This short video shows you how to enter your first sales invoice (manually) in to the Biluna Accounting system. Later videos will show how to create invoices within Biluna and how to generate the booking automatically.

There are four (4) main type of entries or bookings you can do in accounting:

  • Debtor, your sales invoices
  • Creditor, your purchase invoices
  • Bank and/or cash transfers
  • Memorial, all other internal bookings

The debtor booking are usually based on the sales invoices that you or the company has send to its your customers. The top half of the window in Biluna allows you to add a document (sales invoice) and the bottom half is for the line items of the invoice.

It is assumed in this example that you have created the sales invoices in a (outside Biluna) text processor or spreadsheet program and that you have send the invoices by mail or email to your customers.

In later instruction videos you will learn how to generate sales invoices within Biluna.