Shows how to enter a purchase invoice in the Biluna Accounting software. The example is about a manual entry and shows the first Trail Balance sheet update

The purchase invoices are entered similarly as the sales invoices in the accounting perspective. At the part of the window you create the document and in the lower part you enter the line items of the purchase invoice. Usually this will be one line item with the total amount of the invoice.

Purchase invoices are issued by your suppliers. These invoices have only the invoice number of the supplier. It is good practice to add your sequence number, like the number generated by Biluna, by hand to the invoice. This facilitates the reference between the bookings in Biluna and the paper file of the invoices.

Note: be very accurate in booking the VAT (Value Added Tax) in the accounting. These VAT amounts are balanced with the VAT amounts on your sales invoices. You will have to pay the difference to your Tax Authorities.