We are happy to announce that Red-Bag BV has selected the Biluna framework for their future software development. Red-Bag is an independent engineering, consultancy and software company for the process industry. The Red-Bag services include mechanical calculations, providing advice for mechanical questions and supply of software tools to execute mechanical calculations.

The main reason for selecting the Biluna framework is because of: "the framework is based on the C++ language and the excellent tools of Qt". This provides a solid base for the source code to be well maintained and source code that can be used for years to come. Other languages could have limitations which in the future provide a bottle neck for further development.

Red-Bag is excited to bring various independent software applications for mechanical calculations and also applications to manage engineering data of maintenance and projects for new plants. The applications will be available separately but also in an overall framework with the applications as plugins. The first approach will be to create desktop applications but the near future will include also web based applications.

Refer to www.red-bag.com for more information about the software applications.