Shows the entry of a bank statement (manually) and the allocation or reconciliation with a purchase invoice. Later videos will show how to import bank statements automatically.

Bank and cash bookings are the actual transfer of money from a customer or supplier to you or between bank or cash accounts. The money transfer is done based on (purchase) invoices received or (sales) invoices send. The invoices represent the fact why the money is transferred.

It is good practice to administer and file the invoices. Also make a document if necessary to list the facts that are the bases for a money transfer or a booking in Biluna. This helps you to recreate the facts of booking when required.

Not all money transfers are related to invoices. For example interest on a bank account has only the bank statement itself as record of this transfer. However it is advised to make documents to explain bookings within your accounting. For example: the calculation method of depreciation of assets (buildings, cars, etc.).